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Tok essay mark scheme

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Ask Coach Taylor What Should I Include in tok essay scheme, my First Letter to a College Coach? If an free nasa essay, athlete is initiating a first contact with a coach through a letter or email, the initial letter should include an introduction, expression of interest in the university, questions, and a copy of the mark scheme, student’s resume or enhanced video, as well as a link to a highlight, skills, or enhanced video. Sample First-Time Letter to Coach. As a member of the writing format english, Eclipse soccer club and tok essay mark scheme a freshman varsity starter at Niles North High School, I am beginning my search for a college soccer program where I can make an immediate impact, as well as further develop my skills and strength. My goal academically is to pursue a degree in medicine, and I am impressed by the pre-med program that Hiram College offers. I also like the small class sizes and professor-to-student ratio. I currently attend a large high school and change am looking forward to tok essay mark scheme a more personalized college education. I know the process is early, but I’m hoping to format be considered for your program. Would you be so kind as to tok essay mark send me information about Hiram and a questionnaire?

Enclosed is my profile. I am in the process of putting together a video, and I will send you a link to my video as soon as it is security audit case, prepared. As a heads up, I will be at the Disney Showcase and tok essay mark the Las Vegas Shootout, so hopefully you will be able to see me play. Free Nasa Essay? In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing the recruitment process with Hiram College. #3 Eclipse (blue and scheme white jersey) A minor point—but nevertheless an important one—student-athletes need to be sure they are correctly identifying this year’s coaches. Coaching staffs have high turnover rates, so athletes should make sure that they are looking at a current roster of on man coaches. Student-athletes should send personalized letters and be selective about who they are targeting.

Nothing should ever be addressed, “To Whom It May Concern.” College coaches receive hundred of letters and emails from tok essay mark, interested students. If an athlete’s letter appears to haverford college thesis be a form letter, it may well be overlooked. Tok Essay Mark? If you would like to speak with a NCSA Recruiting Coordinator about your personal recruiting situation, call 866-579-6272. A Day in the Life of a Division I Football Player. Would it be ok to send a letter if since I#8217;m only in the 8th grade . Wyatt Yes. Free Nasa Essay? Good luck!

Should you send out the introductory letters to the schools before contacting them about an unofficial visit? My son is a Soph. now and we are looking at schools right now. Scheme? Hi Jim Your son#8217;s unofficial visit will be much more productive if your son#8217;s name is on that coaching staff#8217;s recruiting list. So, yes, your son should send introductory letters prior to essay english scheduling the visit. Tok Essay Mark Scheme? If your son is receiving camp brochures and questionnaires from college coaches, then you know he#8217;s on their recruiting list.

If not and you need to get his name on those lists, call 866-579-6272 to find out how you can do that. Good luck and safe travels! Hi Keith- My son is an essay on man, a freshman. About how many college coaches should he either email and/or send a letter to. Also how do you get across to the coach that you would really like to have an unofficial visit. Patick I don#8217;t know your sport or I could give you a specific number.

Your son should contact about tok essay mark scheme, 15-20% of the total number of archive college programs in his sport. Tok Essay Scheme? Make sure he#8217;s targeting a wide range of schools from D1, D2, D3, and NAIA. Expect about a 5% response from those schools because a lot of college coaches delete unsolicited emails or throw away unexpected letters, relying on trusted sources to find out about potential recruits. Once the college coach responds, then the on man alexander pope summary, dialogue has been opened to schedule an unofficial visit. Make sure your son is handling the discussions, so teach him what he needs to mark scheme do to be successful in setting up his visit.

Once on the visit, stay way in the background so your son is interacting with the coach without you #8220;hovering#8221;. If you need help on that, go here: or call: 866-579-6272. Good luck! Keith- I#8217;m sorry my son participates in poems in essay, soccer. Hi Patrick There are 1231 men#8217;s college soccer programs. Your son should contact 185 250 of them. You can see the breakdown and the recruiting guidelines at each level here: Good luck! Im currently a sophomore and im starting my search for college. I play soccer, im on the varsity team at my school and my club team is #5 in the country.

How many letters should i be sending out? How do i make my letter stand out, so i have more of a chance of getting a response? P.S Target school is UNC. It#8217;s great that you#8217;re becoming proactive in this process by contacting college coaches. Women#8217;s soccer players should target about 200 of the right college programs. It#8217;s great you want to tok essay play for Coach Doran at UNC, but it may surprise you to know that he probably has a good idea of who he#8217;ll recruit in the class of 2013 already. An Essay On Man Alexander Summary? So have you received a camp brochure or questionnaire from UNC yet? The way to make your communication stand out scheme, is to be introduced by a trusted source. College coaches have small recruiting budgets and an essay pope are inundated with communications from #8220;wannabe#8221; student-athletes.

So they rely on the most trusted sources. Also, it#8217;s tough writing separate, individual letters to 200 different college coaches. If you want to mark scheme find out more about trusted sources or saving time, have your parent/guardian call: 866-579-6272. Good luck! How do you get your name on a recruiting list?

Sarah College coaches rely on trusted 3rd party sources. NCSA is writing format, a trusted 3rd party source. To see if you#8217;re qualified, have your parents/guardians call 866-579-6272 to mark schedule a recruiting analysis. College Archive? Good luck! Hello there writer , excellent blog there. I yahoo your webkeep it going .I frankly like to browse your blog.Last of all have nice night cheers! My son was not eligible to mark scheme play the 2010 season, however he had a great 2009 football season. What should I include in the contact to an essay the schools that he is mark, interested in playing for. ( He did not play because he would have been considered a 5th year senior at the high school.

He played a basketball half the season in technological change essay, the 9th grade and tok essay mark should have graduated in 2010). Any advice/suggestions on what to free nasa essay include in the letter would be greatly appreciated. I alread have a dvd of his season made, and I have the tok essay, stats from the season. Im a freshman and do ODP and play varsity high school soccer and an essay im also in scheme, a good club team. I would love to play soccer in college i just dont know how to start talking to other coaches and sending letters, can i send letters? do i send a resume?

Build a free recruiting profile in the only network trusted by an essay alexander pope, 42,000 college coaches. Recruiting in your hands. Tools and advice to find the right fit. © 2002-2016 Next College Student Athlete - All Rights Reserved.

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Problems and Aspirations of Youth Essay. Violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism are the most inhumane crimes that continue to plague Nigeria. Lately, kidnappings for ransom and terrorism have taken the tok essay scheme centre stage leading to bloodshed and economic set -backs. Essay English! The causes are not farfetched as studies have associated rising youth unemployment to the increase in violent crimes. By using the deprivation theory proposed by Ted Gurr, this study has explored the proximate and tok essay mark scheme ultimate causes involving the youths in pope summary violent crimes.

If factors that create the tok essay scheme feeling of technological, deprivation and mark scheme frustration created by unemployment are addressed, Nigeria?s youths will not engage in violent crimes. Keywords: Youth; unemployment; poverty; violence; crime. Creativity and high energy are the characteristics of young people in any nation and if the energy is channelled positively, it will greatly benefit not only the economic prosperity of nations but also enhance the on man alexander pope moral values of the youth. When the same energy is used negatively, it will lead to social unrest and economic instability. Labour force of a country is used to measure unemployment and Feyisetan (1991) defines as a set of people or citizens of tok essay scheme, a country who are willing and are able to make available at alexander any given point in time their efforts for gainful employment. Therefore unemployment is a situation where people are willing to work but could not find employment. According to the International Labour Organization people who are without work but available for and seekin g work; including those who have lost jobs and those who have voluntarily left jobs (World Bank, 1998). On the other hand, violent crime is defined as a crime in mark scheme which the offender uses or threatens to use violent force upon the victim. This entails violence including robbery with and without arms (Wikipedia, 2010). Global unemployment remained stable at 8% between 2010 and pope summary 2011, according to Gallup surveys of 148 countries.

Unemployment was highest in the Middle East and North Africa (22%) and sub-Saharan Africa 17% (Marlar, 2012). Tok Essay Scheme! However, Nigeria?s unemployment rate is above the sub-region?s average that increased to 23.9% in 2011 compared with 21.1% in 2010 and 19.7% in 2009 (National Bureau of Statistics, 2012); and network security audit is projected to hit 25% by the end of 2012 (USA Embassy in Nigeria, 2012). According to the National Bureau of Statistics (2009:238; 2010:2; 2012), the national unemployment rates for Nigeria between 2000 and 2011 showed that the number of tok essay mark, unemployed persons constituted 31.1% in 2000 and network security case it reduced to 11.9% in tok essay 2005 but again increased to 23.9% in 2011. Nigeria has a youth population of 80 million, representing 60% of the technological change essay total population with a growth rate of tok essay, 2.6% per year and the national demography suggests that the youth population remains vibrant with an average annual entrant to the labour force is 1.8m between 2006 and 2011. Yet, majority of the youth has been either unemployed or under -employed between 2006 and free nasa essay 2011. The overall unemployment rose from 12.3% of Labour force to 23.9% (Awogbenle and Iwuamadi, 2010). A surge in unemployment was witnessed in 2009 due to global/local economic meltdown. The World Bank estimates that 74 million people between the ages of 15 and tok essay scheme 24 are unemployed, which accounts for 41% of all unemployed person s (UNHabitat, 2008). From 1990-2000 youth unemployment data showed that the free nasa essay largest group of the unemployed were secondary school graduates.

Also, 40% of unemployment rate were among urban youths aged 20 – 24 and 31% of the rate were among those aged 15-19. Two-thirds of the urban unemployed ranged from 15-24 years old. Moreover, the educated unemployed tended to be young males with few dependents (Okafor, 2011). In 2011, the situation became even more critical with 37.7% of Nigerians aged 15-24 and 22.4% of mark scheme, those between ages 25-44 were willing to work but did not get jobs. On average, youth unemployment rate in Nigeria is 46.5% in 2011 (BLG, 2012). As of 2009 when National Bureau of haverford college thesis archive, Statistics published unemployment rate at 19.7%, Issa Aremu the Deputy President of the tok essay mark scheme National Labour Congress said, “Find out about the number of people who applied for the last recruitment by the Nigeria Immigration Service and the Customs Service. When more than a hundred thousand people apply for just about 3000 vacancies, then you should know whether the figures are true” (Ekott, 2010). Unemployment appears to be the technological change root cause o f violence in Nigeria.

Research suggests that unemployed youths are disproportionately more likely to mark, be perpetrators, as well as victims of crime and violence (Okafor, 2011). The growing gap between the rich and poor affects the society through increased violence. The self employed are in quandary as scant infrastructure makes it impossible for them to ply their trade (Okafor, 2011). This is exac erbated by political corruption, poverty, poor governance, increasing population, and network security audit study lack of policy initiatives and implementation to some extent encouraged criminal groups to thrive across Nigeria. This paper examines how youth unemployment contributes to violent crimes across Nigeria. Deprivation Theory of tok essay mark scheme, Ted Gurr. This classical theory explains why people engage in violence (riots, rebellion, coups, criminal activities etc.).

It examines the psychological causes involving frustration and aggression as the primary source of human capacity for violence. Frustration is neither necessary nor sufficient ly leads to violence but greed may drive to violence. Frustration is a much stronger motivating force and prolonged frustration may cause greater probability for aggression. Relative deprivation is the discrepancy between what people think they deserve and what they actually think they can get (Gurr, 1970). It is noteworthy that Gurr does not look to a more absolute or objective indicator of deprivation as the source of violence. People can get used to a bad state of affairs, even one that offers so little access to life-sustaining resources that members of the group are starving or dying of poems in essay, remediable diseases or exposure.

However, if there is a significant d iscrepancy between what they think they deserve and what they think they will get, there is a likelihood of rebellion. Gurr posits this to be the case because there is a feeling that their expectation cannot be met if the current statuesque is tok essay, maintained. The first situation may be a desperate one, but it is the se cond that will be frustrating. So frustration produces aggression at individual, group and societal levels. This theory could be used to link rising number of unemployed youths and violent crimes in Nigeria.

A country that produce thousands of university graduate every year without commensurate employment opportunities may be creating a fertile ground for a feeling of frustration among these unemployed graduates. Naturally, there is a feeling of joy and great expectations when a student graduates from a university- these expectations gradually fades away and is replaced by feeling of college, frustration after some years of joblessness caused by little opportunity the society offers the young graduate. As frustration prolongs and the feeling of deprivation of what that is expected increases, there is a greater probability that the individual or people can resort to illegitimate activities in mark order to actualise their expectations in the society. The rise in violent crimes (robbery, kidnapping, thuggery, terrorism) committed by essay writing, youths is a sign of „gap? in the society. The society already has expectations for scheme individuals and established means of achieving them. When the means are limited as the youth unemployme nt is 46.5% in 2011, people are forced to achieve the goals through illegal means to fulfil societal expectations. Kidnappings are on the increase across Nigeria and the unemployed youths view the business lucrative. They are available for recruitment by p oliticians.

In the Northern part, they are recruited both by politicians and religious groups to be used in free nasa essay political, religious and terrorism acts. Tok Essay Mark! In the SW Nigeria, they find easy employment in petty criminal activities. The culture must at haverford thesis least accept , if not approve, violent action as a means to an end. This could be the reason why suicide bombing is exclusive to the Northern part of the country as violence is tok essay scheme, encouraged by some Islamic sects. Political violence is also likely if the technological change current leadershi p and or the socio-economic and political system are seen as illegitimate. Causes of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria. The level of unemployment is mark scheme, highly dependent on the overall status of the economy (Awogbenle and change Iwuamadi, 2010). Despite its riches from o il economy, employment in Nigeria is actually falling. The years of corruption, civil war, military rule, and mismanagement have hindered economic growth. Nigeria is endowed with diverse and mark scheme infinite resources, both human and material but years of neglige nce and adverse policies have led to the under-utilization of these resources. Haverford! These resources have not been effectively utilized in order to tok essay scheme, yield maximum economic benefits.

These are primary causes of unemployment; however s cholars have identified other causes of unemployment as well ( Adebayo, 1999; Alanana, 2003; Echebiri, 2005; Ayinde, 2008; Morphy, 2008; Awogbenle and haverford thesis archive Iwuamadi, 2010; and tok essay mark Anyadike et al, 2012) . The first is population growth (140,431,790 as per 2006 census) and is projected to be over 1 80 million by 2020 if the annual growth rate of 3.2% continues (National Population Commission and ICF Macro, 2009). While the population increases, the number of industries growth is security study, dwindling and if nothing serious is done, both population and unemployme nt will continue to rise. The second is outdated school curricula and lack of employable skills: Some scholars have argued that as far as the formal sector is tok essay mark scheme, concerned, the average Nigerian graduate is not employable therefore, does not possess the on man alexander skill s needed by tok essay, the employers (Anyadike et al, 2012). This is due to the curricula of most Nigerian schools that do not include entrepreneur skill acquisition to benefit job seekers. The third is adoption of untimely economic policy measures that contributed to the demise of small scale and technological cottage industries operated in both formal and informal sectors. Following the introduction of Structural Adjustment Program in tok essay mark September 1986 that ushered in liberalization, deregulation and devaluation program of the network security audit domes tic currency, many of the teething domestic firms collapsed that resulted in serious job losses (Bello, 2003). The fourth is over emphasis on tok essay, university certificates and neglect of skill acquisition trainings that contributes to youth unemployment. According to Manning and Junankar (1998), the total number of graduates produced in Nigeria was 73,339 in 1986/1987 that rose to 131,016 in 1996/1997. Over 97 universities occur in Nigeria with a demand for higher education while there is problem of unemployment.

The reality is that the college thesis economy does not have the tok essay mark scheme capacity to absorb all unemployed graduates because over 800 industries and 37 factories were closed down in 2009 alone (Anyadike et al, 2012). Nigeria’s Unemployment and Crimes. Security is a contextual issue which no state in the international system consigns to free nasa essay, the periphery; it is a core-value that makes the state relevant in the international system (Ndifon, et al. 2012). Death rate attributable to violence in Africa is estimated at 60.9 per tok essay mark, 100,000 p eople more than twice the global rate (WHO 2004a). Crime and violence have been increasing in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa among unemployed young people.

The causes are not farfetched as studies have associated rising youth unemployment to increase of violent crime in Nigeria. The accelerating level of prostitution, armed robbery, rape, terrorism and all facets of violence can be largely attributed to essay writing format english, the incidence of unemployment. Growth has not been in line with the aspirations of the people and has not been driven by higher productivity. The public perception is that there has been little job creation. Many young people who fail to gain employment have become a burden to the employed that bear the responsibility of tok essay scheme, meeting the needs of millions of educated but increasing frustrated group, a wasting generation. The problem of poems in essay, violent crimes in Nigeria has been exacerbated by tok essay, the high rate of unemployment and economic hardship which has pushed many jobless youths some of whom are graduates into various deadly crimes (Edward, 2011). A 2009 World Bank report on ‘Employment and Growth’, warned that, “The share of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 outside the college thesis archive labour force is growing, despite the country’s strong growth performance over the years”. Mass sacking in the Central Bank of Nigeria affected 7,500 banking jobs (Allafrica, 2010). Tok Essay Mark Scheme! The UN-Habitat study on crimes and violence stressed that socio -economic inequality and the lack of opportunities for social advancement and employment are some of change essay, th e root causes of crime and violence. Tok Essay Mark! Children and youth from disadvantaged families are vulnerable to fall prey to criminal networks. Of the estimated 1 billion people living in slums, over half are under the age of technological essay, 25, and 40% are estimated to be under the age of 19.

They are the primary victims of social exclusion through unemployment, lack of access to health and mark scheme education (UN -Habitat, 2008). Furthermore, an empirical survey of Children and Youth in poems in essay Organized Armed Violence in tok essay mark Nigeria, reported that disenchantment and frustration of young people due to mass poverty and network case unemployment, has increased the tok essay number of aggrieved youths and resulted in the emergence of „area boys? and Almajiris who target the very society that alienated them (Ibrahim, 2006). The survey concluded that armed militant groups in Nigeria namely Bakassi Boys, O? odua Peoples Congress (OPC) and poems in essay Egbesu Boys were made up of youths within 16 – 17 years (40%), 18 – 19 years (10%), 20 – 21 years (20%), and 20 – 23 years (20%). Approximately 60% of them were unemployed (Awogbenle and Iwuamadi, 2010). Bennel (2000) argued that urban society is becoming increasingly criminalized, especially with the proliferation of youth gangs. Neither homes, nor markets are safe in Nigeria because of frequent o ccurrence of armed robbery incidents. Unemployment problem, which now seems beyond remedy, has produced army of idle hands and some of them have decided to punish the society that fails to provide them with means of livelihood and dignity by robbing its members of their property at gunpoint (Ideyi, 2005). Mark Scheme! The police cannot perform effectively because they are overstretched by the amount of cases that awaits them daily, and is worsened by outdated instruments they use that are no match to the modern sophisticated weapons used by the criminals. The Research Director of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Dr Sope Wiliams Elegbe revealed that: “The increasing poverty in Nigeria is accompanied by increasing unemployment. Unemployment is higher in the nort h than in the south. Mix this situation with radical Islam, which promises a better life for martyrs, and audit case study you can understand the growing violence in the north.

Government statistics show that the northern states have the highest proportion of scheme, uneducated persons. If you link a lack of education and attendant lack of opportunities to free nasa essay, a high male youth population, you can imagine that some areas are actually a breeding ground for terrorism” (Oxford Research Group, 2012). The Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Abubakar, has called on mark, the three tiers of government to tackle unemployment in order to reduce crime rate in the country. He expressed concern at the rate youths were resorting to crime as an writing format alternative means of survival due to unemployment: “We have a lot of graduates and even those who have not attended any school who have nothing to do. It becomes worrisome, when you go round this country and you see the faces of unemployed persons. You begin to wonder that we just have to do what we have to do at the level of federal, state and tok essay local governments to change essay, begin to plan and put policies in place for the employment of these persons”. (Cruise news, 2012) No nation can achieve growth in an atmosphere of mark, violent crimes.

The role of Nigeria?s government must include the formulation of policies and laws that could help improve the economic and social wellbeing of its citizens and deter criminality. There is a need to increase jobs through small enterprises and poverty alleviation schemes. Economic gr owth in Nigeria is not the only solution to curb unemployment as the official statistics illustrate that previous unemployment did not decline economic growth. Other solutions such as the provision of right skills to youth should be given an importance. The study concludes that feeling of deprivation produce frustration and haverford thesis archive could be expressed through aggression.

Therefore if factors that are responsible for youth unemployment in mark Nigeria are addressed, violent crimes will be reduced. Adebayo A (1999). On Man Alexander Pope! Youth Unemployment and tok essay scheme National Directorate of Employment Self Employment Programmes. Niger. J. Econ. And Soc. Stud. 41(1): 81-102. Alanana OO (2003).

Youth Unemployment in Nigeria: Some Implications for the Third Millennium. Global J. Soc. Sci. 2(1):21-26. Anyadike Nkechi, Emeh Ikechukwu EJ and Ukah Finian Okechukwu (2012). Entrepreneurship development and employment generation in Nigeria: Problems and prospects. Journal of Education and General Studies Vol. 1(4) pp. 088-102. Awogbenle, A.C.

Iwuamadi, K.C. (2010). Youth Unemployment: Entrepreneurship Development Programme as an Intervention Mechanism. African Journal of Business Management, 4(6), 831-835. Ayinde OE(2008). Empirical Analysis of english, Agricultural Growth and Unemployment. in Nigeria. Afr. J. Agric.

Res. 3(7):465-468. Cruise news, (2012). To fight crime in Nigeria, we must first fight Unemployment. Available on Bello, T. (2003). Attacking Unemployment Hurdles in mark the Fragile Economies of the Sub – Saharan Africa: The Experience of haverford college thesis, Nigeria. A Paper Presented at the – Economics for the Future – Conference; On the Occasion of the Celebration of 100 Years of tok essay scheme, Cambridge Economics; Cambridge, United Kingdom. Bennel, P, (2000).

Improving Youth Livelihood in SS.A Report to the International Development Center. BGL, (2012). Economic Note: The Nigeria’s Paradox of Growth amidst High Poverty Incidence. Retrieved from Echebiri, R.N. (2005).

Characteristics and Determinants of Urban Youth Unemployment in Umuahia, Nigeria: Implications for poems in essay Rural Development and Alternative Labor Market Variables. A Paper presented at the ISSER/Cornell/World Bank conference on “Shared Growth in Africa” held in Accra, Ghana, July 21-22. Edward Uzoma Ezedike, (2011). Violent Crimes, Economic Development and the Morality of Capital Punishment in mark Nigeria: A Retentionist Perspective. Retrieved from Ekott, I. (2010). Statistics Bureau puts Nigeria unemployment rate at poems in essay 19.7 percent . Next News.

Retrieved from Feyisetan BJ (1991). Population growth and the labour force, a study of mark, relationships. Paper presented at a seminar on population and development, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Nigeria June 25-28. Ideyi, N. Alexander Pope! (2005). The Root Cause of Violence in Nigeria: The Niger Delta Crisis, a Reference Point. Manning, C. Junankar, P.N. (1998). Choosy Youth or Unwanted Youth: A Survey of Unemployment. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 34(1), 55-93. Marlar Jenny, (2012). Global Unemployment at 8% in 2011.

Retrieved from mployment2011.aspxclient=msucwebq=Unemployment+rate+in+Africa+and+sub+S aharan+Africasa=Xei=GHEOUPHUDmw2wW_j4HYCAved=0CCQQFjAJ. Morphy R. (2008). Nigeria: Youth Unemployment, Poverty – a Time Bomb for Country. Leadership, Wednesday, 27 August. National Bureau of Statistics. Tok Essay Mark! (2009). Social Statistics in Nigeria. Abuja: The NBS Publication. Retrieved from essay National Bureau of Statistics. (2010).

Statistical News: Labor Force Statistics No. 476. Abuja: The NBS Publication. Retrieved from National Bureau of Statistics, (2012). Labour Force Statistics. Scheme! Retrieved from National Population Commission and ICF Macro. Writing Format English! (2009).

Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey 2008. Abuja, Nigeria: National. Ndifon, C.O, Apori, K.A and tok essay mark scheme Ndifon, R.A. (2012). Human Traffickin g in Nigeria: A Metaphor for an essay on man alexander Human Rights, Crime and Security Violations. American Journal of Social Issues Humanities (ISSN: 2276 – 6928) Vol.2(3) pp. 84-99.

Available on Okafor, E.E. (2011). Youth Unemployment and Implications for Stability of Democracy In Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Vol. Tok Essay Scheme! 13, No.1, 2011 ISSN: 15205509.

320 | A j a e g b u. ©AJSIH Vol.2 No.5. (September 2012) 315-321. American Journal of poems in essay, Social Issues Humanities Vol.2 No.5. (September 2012) Oxford Research Group, (2012). Nigeria: The Generic Context of the Boko Haram Violence. Monthly. Population Commission and tok essay scheme ICF Macro, (2010). Nigeria: Unemployment – Paradox of Growth. Retrieved from Ted Gurr . Why Men Rebel.

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Study! 1970. UN-Habitat, (2008). Mark! Crime and violence versus employment opportunities in cities and towns. 2nd African Minister ial Conference on Housing and Urban Development. Abuja, Nigeria. Retrieved from United States Embassy in Nigeria, (2012). Nigerian Fact Sheet. Retrieved from WHO (World Health Organization), 2004a.

African Leaders Call for Increased Efforts to Prevent Violence. Press release, July 26. Regional Office for Africa, Brazzaville. Poems In Essay! Retrieved from Wikipedia, University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 7 November 2016.

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a2 history essays The following outline is intended as to provide one example of tok essay mark scheme how to write an essay. Treat it as food for thought, as providing a set of college thesis archive suggestions some of which you might incorporate into your own method for writing essays. It is useful to mark scheme, begin by considering why essay-writing has long been the method of choice for assessment in history. The chief reason is network study, that no other method provides as effective a means of mark testing a student's comprehension of a topic. We want you to show us that not only have you acquired a knowledge of the topic but also that you fully understand the topic and free nasa essay, the issues raised by it.

Essays test understanding by mark, asking you to select and re-organise relevant material in order to produce your own answer to the set question. An undergraduate essay need not be particularly innovative in its approach and insights, but it must be the product of the free nasa essay student's own dialogue with the subject. Mark? Essays which do not answer the question can only be regarded as demonstrating some knowledge of the topic, they cannot be said to show understanding of the topic. Essays which plagiarise or merely reproduce what others have said do not even show knowledge of the topic. Plagiarism is thus not merely a matter of theft, it involves an entirely unacceptable subversion of the learning process. 2. Poems In Essay? Is there a right and a wrong answer? History essays are less about finding the correct answer to the set question than they are about demonstrating that you understand the issues which it raises (and the texts which discuss these issues).

With most historical problems (certainly the most interesting ones) it is seldom possible to arrive at a definitive answer. Tok Essay Mark? The evidence almost always permits a variety of solutions, and different approaches generate divergent conclusions. There are, however, limits to the field of possible solutions, since they must fit in with 'the evidence'. Of course, exactly what constitutes 'the evidence' is an essay, almost invariably one of the issues under discussion among the historians who are most deeply engaged with the problem, but in general for each historical question there will be a body of evidence which is recognised as being relevant to it. This body of evidence will typically comprise what the primary sources tell us about the events and phenomena under discussion.

A good answer will need to harmonise with all of this evidence, or explain why particular items have been dismissed as having no bearing on the problem. It follows from tok essay mark, all of this that there certainly are wrong answers that is, answers which fall outside the field of possible solutions or which fail to take account of received evidence even though there is no 'absolutely right' answer. Essential steps: select a question; identify the subject of the question; what are you being asked to do - that is, what kind of information will you need to format, answer the tok essay mark question, and free nasa essay, how will you have to treat it? Circling the key words in the question is sometimes a helpful first step in mark, working out exactly what you need to do. Poems In Essay? It is useful to note that there is mark scheme, usually a natural way of structuring your answer: that is, a way of organising an answer which follows naturally from the format of the question and which will put the fewest obstacles in writing english, the way of the reader: 'Explain' and 'why' questions demand a list of reasons or one big reason; each reason will have to be explained - that is, clarified, expounded, and illustrated. 'Assess', 'evaluate' and scheme, 'define-the-significance-of' questions require judgements supported by reasons, explanation and evidence. You must show why your assessment is the best by considering its merits vis--vis alternative evaluations. Technological Change Essay? It might be useful to define and defend the criteria on which your judgement depends. That is, to explain why they are the best criteria for judging the historical phenomenon at issue. Tok Essay Scheme? 'What-role-did-X-play-in-Y' questions imply a functionalist approach - that is, they require that you identify the function of free nasa essay some phenomenon, group or institution within some specific system.

Thus, the subject of the question is the 'Y' rather than the 'X' element. Scheme? That is, the question requires a discussion of the system as a whole and the consideration of haverford thesis archive alternative explanations of how 'X' worked within it. 'To-what-extent' questions involve a judgement of measure. One way of answering the question would be set up a series of 'tests', as it were, that can be investigated in turn. This essay will examine five spheres which cast light on the extent of Jewish influence in tok essay mark, high medieval France: namely, their role in the commercial life of the college thesis towns, the role of Jewish banking in the agrarian economy, their influence on Christian intellectual life, .. [and so on]. The essay would need a conclusion in which you pulled together the results of your test cases: It has been seen that the Jews exerted a profound influence on the intellectual life of the universities but almost none on that of the established monastic orders.. 'Quote-and-discuss' questions require you to identify the issue at stake and to produce a reasoned response. You may respond, for example, by agreeing with the tok essay mark scheme quotation in change essay, which case you will need to tok essay mark, explain why agreement is the best response, why it would be wrong to disagree. You should consider the merits of a variety of responses. If possible you should always examine the book or article from which the quotation has been taken in order to discover what its author meant by free nasa essay, it, to discover how the author has understood the issues. 'Compare-and-contrast' questions demand the identification of similarities and differences. Mark? One method of tackling such an essay would be to distinguish five or six areas of similarity and contrast, and to devote a section of the essay essay to each area - a section in which you would assess the degree of similarity and reach a sub-conclusion. The conclusion would then require a summation of the various 'sub-conclusions'. It needs to be stressed that none of these types of question calls for tok essay, a narrative approach . You will never be asked to produce a narrative of what happened.

In rare circumstances, a few sentences of security study narrative may form part of the evidence cited in support of mark scheme a point, but the essay as a whole should be organised according to a logical structure in which each paragraph functions as a premise in the argument. The analytical and expository voice will always prove more effective than the narrative mode of writing. The aim of your initial reading should be to identify an argument which answers the question - one which you find plausible and can carry through with conviction. For this purpose, it will be useful to read at least two or three items, including a recent book covering the general area in essay writing english, which the tok essay mark topic falls. Articles in reference books such as an network audit case encyclopaedia can provide an overview, but they rarely provide adequate coverage of the issues. Citing such works will undermine the credibility of tok essay scheme your essay.

Do not forget to make notes as you go. Making notes helps you to summarise arguments and on man, ideas, to select points relevant to tok essay mark scheme, your essay, to clarify and adjust your understanding of the essay question and an essay alexander pope, of the topic it bears upon. But your main priority should be to discover an argument. Once you have come up with a working argument, you need to mark, draw up a plan to guide the next stage of your research. It should comprise a list of the points which each paragraph will attempt to demonstrate, and rough notes on writing supporting examples. It may be useful to begin by thinking again what type of question you have chosen and by looking the natural way of answering it.

In order to draw up a plan you will need to evaluate its merits: What points will I need to make in order to sustain this argument? Are there alternative points of view which will have to be considered and refuted in order to make this argument work? Do I have enough examples and evidence to support the points which are crucial to my argument? Do I need to tok essay mark scheme, know more about the examples I'm planning to use? Perhaps there is another way of looking at this piece of evidence which I'll have to poems in essay, mention or even refute?

Having decided on the line of argument you intend to use, and identified areas where you need more material, search the reading list and bibliographies of the texts you've been using for tok essay mark, books and articles which will help you to solve these problems. Go and collect the information, making notes and adding notes to your plan as you go along. Do not forget to make careful bibliographical notes for every book and article you consult. You will need this information when it comes to footnoting your essay. Inevitably, the free nasa essay previous stage will turn up things you hadn't thought of and books with better things to say about the topic. Do not panic. Ask yourself: can your argument be saved with a few adjustments? Does the argument need to be re-constructed from scratch? If so, how can I recycle the tok essay information I've already begun to collect? Much will depend upon how confident you now feel about your argument.

Follow your instincts: if the argument feels wrong, look for a better one. It is better to start again than to write an technological change essay essay that lacks conviction. If complete reconstruction is unavoidable, go back to '5. Drawing up a Plan'. Having revised you argument (and plan), it's time to write your essay. Scheme? If you've carried out steps one to five properly, it should be possible to write the poems in essay first draft up in two or three hours. (a) Writing an Introduction. An introduction should show how you intend to answer the question, by (1) indicating the line of argument you intend to take, by (2) giving an overview of the organisation of what follows, and by (3) indicating the sort of material or evidence you will be using. It is an mark effective strategy, especially when writing a short essay, to begin with a bold, attention-grabbing, first sentence which shows the marker that you know what you are doing: that is, answer the question as briefly as possible with your first sentence. The second sentence should then enlarge upon the argument indicated by the first. Technological Change? (b) The body of the tok essay scheme essay. Intelligent use of paragraphing is crucial to change, the success of an essay.

Often, it is best to tok essay scheme, organise the paragraphs so that each makes and defends a point or premise essential the argument of the essay. (By 'premise' is thesis archive, meant a point which is tok essay scheme, part of and essential to the argument of the essay.) It must be entirely clear how your points fit into the argument: essays which meander around the topic leaving the marker to join the dots to writing english, comprise an answer are not acceptable, since they fail to demonstrate understanding. Tok Essay Scheme? It is a good idea to use 'topic sentences' to signal the security study subject and make explicit the point of each paragraph. These ought not to be too repetitive in form but should show how the paragraph fits into the argument of the essay as a whole. The following topic sentences (here marked in red for clarity) would, for example, be appropriate as a way of introducing paragraphs that comprised a series of 'tests' in tok essay mark, a 'to-what-extent' essay that called for an assessment of the effects of the Black Death on the development of medieval Europe. It is also possible to security study, assess the extent of the catastrophe by looking at the level of demand for land in the major urban centres. In Genoa, for example, land prices fell sharply from a high in 1310 of. [several sentences of tok essay mark examples] . The dramatic fall in the prices of land within urban centres implies an equally sharp fall in the numbers of people wanting to live in cities and, thus also, a sudden decline in the actual number of people living there. Notice how the free nasa essay point briefly introduced in the topic sentence is developed naturally by the second sentence of the tok essay scheme paragraph. It is better to avoid trying the explain everything in a single sentence: clusters of free nasa essay sentences that flow from one to another are much more effective!

Signposting your evidence will give the tok essay essay that all important sense of critical depth and originality: Seapower was a crucial to European expansion. This much is illustrated by the way in which Europe expanded between the tenth and sixteenth centuries. Southwards and eastwards expansion in the eastern Mediterranean was heavily dependent upon the availability of effective fleets of warships and trading vessels. There were critical moments, such as in the late eleventh-century conquests of Sicily and Sardinia, when. College Thesis? [and so on.] You need to give the marker a sense of where your opinions end and of where the supporting evidence begins. But remember to vary your signposts: using the same phrase over and over tok essay again will distract and bore the college thesis archive reader. If the supporting evidence is not a well-known and mark scheme, irrefutable fact, it will probably need to be given the additional support of a footnote indicating where you have obtained your information or which historian's interpretation of the piece of evidence being deployed you have chosen to free nasa essay, follow. It will sometimes be useful to quote other authors, especially primary sources, but do not overdo it. It is often better to put things in mark, your own words while still clearly signalling the source of the idea and network audit case study, using a footnote (e.g. 'According to Mayer the first crusade.'), since this helps to show that you have understood what was being said - providing that you have indeed grasped what was being said! (c) The Conclusion. All essays need a carefully thought out conclusion which follows logically from the tok essay mark scheme points made and affirmed in the course of your essay.

It need not rehearse the points you have rejected. Always check to see that the conclusion you have drawn is the network security audit case one which follows logically from the mark points and evidence you have assembled. (d) Footnoting. Free Nasa Essay? Opinions differ over whether to footnote after completing the first draft or as you write. Sometimes, it is best to go back and scheme, footnote the essay after you have finished, because inserting footnotes can disturb the flow of technological change essay your writing.

On the other hand, it is useful to consider what will need to be footnoted as you write, since footnotes are part of the rhetorical apparatus of tok essay mark scheme a formal essay and give weight and power to format english, an argument. For the same reason, it is best to put the notes at the bottom of the page rather than at the end of the tok essay mark essay. It looks more impressive (especially if you cite well and widely), and saves the marker flicking back and forth. The markers, it should be noted, are under instructions to check footnotes. (e) Once you have finished you should compile your bibliography . (f) Now save your essay, print out a text, put it aside for a couple of haverford college thesis days, and work on something else. Inevitably, when you come to re-read your essay, you will always think of better ways of putting things. You may even think of supporting evidence you could add to the text, but make sure that any additions do not spoil the flow. You may find that some of your points are irrelevant: this material should be disregarded. You should also ask yourself whether the links between the paragraphs are clear and logical? Perhaps the essay would be more effective if they were put in a different order?

If the essay has been written on a word processor it should be easy enough to tok essay, achieve this by cutting and pasting paragraphs. Your essay should have a clear and consistent structure throughout, so that one paragraph follows another logically and carries the argument forward. You will need to edit: for grammar, spelling and punctuation; to remove unnecessary verbiage, colloquialisms and jargon; to ensure that the footnotes and bibliography conform with the required style sheet; and for the coherence and quality of your writing. You should always check the printed text of english your essay before submitting it. The eye tends to overlook errors on the screen, and spell checkers almost invariably allow a significant number of mistakes to slip through. 'Their' and 'there', for mark scheme, example, will both be accepted as correct by a word processor regardless of which one you should actually have used in essay, a given context. The ability to write good essays does not come to many people easily.

It is a skill which requires constant attention and tok essay scheme, practice. It is, however, a skill which will serve you well no matter what you choose to do when you leave university. Effective communication is a key to success in many walks of thesis archive life. There is, therefore, every incentive to apply yourself to the development of this art. Credits: This guide was devised and developed by Paul Antony Hayward (2000-2007).

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Fine Arts: Marble Statue of tok essay a Wounded Warrior. The Marble Statue of a Wounded Warrior is alexander pope summary, a Roman statue from scheme A.D. 138-181; it is a copy of a Greek statue that was cast around 460-450 B.C. The subject matter of this statue is a warrior in the midst of battle and as the name indicates the warrior is wounded despite the subject not appearing wounded at college archive, first glance. The ancient Greek statue depicts a Greek war hero in a contrapposto position caught in scheme, a stance of action – the way he is immortalized in the statue directly correlates with Ancient Greek art of its time period and the belief that human body features should be idealized. Poems In Essay! By evaluating several elements we will be able to see how the Ancient Greek’s act of idolizing the warrior’s physical features is further illustrated in our modern day portrayal of the statue. Mark Scheme! We will review such things as the statue itself, the history of writing english which it originates from, and the modern day depiction of the scheme statue as viewed from the analysis of the museum’s placement and description of the work of art.

As one walks into an essay on man alexander the corridor where the tok essay Wounded Warrior stands, his presence is immediately felt. The frame of reference for us as the viewers is pre-determined. The statue seems to be on a downward slope, his body is at technological essay, a slight angle where his left foot stands in front of a bent right foot with his head looking down. Tok Essay Mark Scheme! As we grow closer to pope summary the statue, our position in correlation to him is tok essay mark scheme, inferior – we are meant to be looking up at him and, as the change original probably would have had, his spear and shield as well. This placement gives the warrior his power – his immortality, he stands upon a pedestal and rather than look defeated or truly wounded, he appears strong and masculine in tok essay mark, his looming stance. The Wounded Warrior at first glance looks strong and free nasa essay, may even appear threatening if his weapons were returned to him, but after further scrutinizing and a full. . Warrior Cups Inc. Dimensions: Cylinder: V= ?r?h SA= 2?rh + 2?r? Half-Sphere : V= 2/3?r? SA= 2?r? Information: V= 900 cm? Lid Plastic: ?0.10/cm? Cup Plastic: ?0.05/cm? r represents the radius h represents the height Find h in terms of r: 900 = ?r? + 2/3 ?r? 900 = ?r?(h + 2/3r) 900/ ?r? = h + 2/3r (900/ ?r?) – 2/3r = h Cost in terms of r : C(r) = 0.05(2 ?rh + ?r?) + 0.10(2 ?r?) = 0.1 ?rh + 0.05 ?r? +0.2 ?r? = 0.1 ?r(900/ ?r? - 2r/3) + 0.25 ?r? *insert h = 90 ?r/ ?r? - 0.2 ?r?/3 + 0.25 ?r? = 90/r + 1.1 ?r?/6 C’(r) = -90/r? + 1.1 ?r/3 * take derivative 0 = -90/r? + 1.1 ?r/3 * set derivative equal to tok essay mark scheme zero r?(0) = (-90/r? + 1.1 ?r/3) r? *multiply both sides by r? 0 = -90r?/r? + 1.1 ?r?/3 = -90 + 1.1 ?r?/3 r = (90/1.1 ?)^1/3 r ? 4.27cm Therefore, the radius is approximately 4.27cm Double derivative Check: C’’(r) = 1.1 ?r? C’’(4.27) = +ve Therefore it is a minimum Finding height: h = 900/ ?(4.27)? - 2/3(4.27)*plug the radius into an essay on man pope the height equation h = 12.87 Therefore the height is 12.87cm Dimensions and Cost: * r = 4.27cm * h = 12.87 cm * V = 900 cm? * Lid Plastic: ?0.10/cm? * Cup Plastic: ?0.05/cm? Demand function: X = 100,000 -5,000n n = 100,000 – x/5,000 *Isolate for n variable P = 0.99 + 0.10n P(x) = 0.99 + 0.10(100,000 – x/5,000) *plug in n value = 0.99 + 2 – 0.00002x = 2.99 – 0.00002x X = # of $0.10 increases. Words: 355 - Pages: 2. . Tok Essay Mark Scheme! Romare Bearden’s Fine Art Romare Bearden was an African American Artist. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina then moved to essay writing english New York City as a child. Bearden has done many different types of works including oil, cartoons and collage.

Romare is best known for his collages. He is recognized as one of the most creative and original visual artists of the twentieth century. He fills his work with the mark scheme symbols and myths of the essay American black experience. In this essay I will compare and contrast two of Romare’s pieces. It was difficult to tok essay scheme narrow down to only two pieces because Romare has a large quantity of remarkable work.

The two pieces I decided on are “The Block” and “Golgotha”. “The Block” was made in 1971. Essay! It shows a Harlem neighborhood with an optimistic spirit. Mark! The neighborhood shows a barbershop, a corner store, liquor store, a church and funeral parlor. The neighborhood seems lively with people outside on poems in essay the sidewalk, children playing and pedestrians in tok essay, a hurry. It gives you that feeling of daily life in Harlem. One unique aspect of the picture is that is shows you daily life indoors and outdoors at the same time. The collage shows people at home watching TV, people inside having a conversation and a couple making love. In this collage I see a lot of line being used. Thesis Archive! Line is tok essay scheme, a mark by pencil that forms part of the formal design of a picture.

I see it with the different buildings. The lines used make it look like the buildings aren’t supposed to be. Words: 933 - Pages: 4. . Word Count 1006 The art of theatre is very important part of our culture. Without entertainment, whether it is individual or with a group humans could not stay occupied. Throughout time stories have been pasted down from generation to generation-through words, books and theater. Technological Essay! Theatre continues to thrive and has become an important subject in schools now. Mark Scheme! People are allowed to express their creative and critical thinking to really allow the viewers to get involved.

The purpose of theater is to develop performance art through any distinctively cultural foundations. Theatre is able to haverford college thesis archive enrich our social and cultural views through art and performance. Actors provide a stage that they can really test the tok essay limits of their own creativity by ongoing dialogue of ideas. The “whipping man” is to show the relationship between a master and slave. We are shown that after losing everything you never know what you will have left. Caleb is part of essay a white family that bought slaves and treated them like family. Caleb leaves and returns only to find out that the two people who are left after war are two slaves his family owned. Simon and John are now forced to take care of mark Caleb because that is all they know to do. Simon is the main caretaker and demands respect from Caleb when he returns home, because things are different now and haverford archive, he should not be treated the same.

John struggles with this relationship with Caleb because when they were younger the two were best friends until Caleb was. Words: 1010 - Pages: 5. . Warrior The tears of my youth have stopped flowing from absorbing the injustice, inflicted by Godly persons of cruel and wicked devils, who have extracted me from the womb of tok essay mark my community, cutting off my mother tongue, forcible compliance to their way of life and killing my spirit, my people, my community and my nation. Change Essay! Severely depressed, I painfully walk with permanent scars that are deeply saturated within my soul and I can no longer speak from my heart as I continue my life’s journey looking, hoping and searching for mark the end of the trail, beaten, broken, burdened and buried in despair. Network Security Study! Helpless and unable to cope with the weight of atrocities gushing from the subtle but deadly waves of genocide that will not subside from all levels of tok essay scheme governments along with the courts of the dominion that are manipulating, diminishing and imposing changes that disrupts the well being of our communities. My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being is extremely out of balance where healing can only an essay on man summary come from tok essay within and I must rise above the injuries of yesterday otherwise I will be the vessel of haverford thesis archive tomorrow’s generations that may lead to tok essay mark scheme the fatality of a people. Free Nasa Essay! I am a warrior gravely wounded from the incarceration of an tok essay mark scheme, Indian Residential School and the genocides, but it is time that my resilience will abrogate the usurping of my people’s rights, liberties and freedoms upon the lands and resources we own, enjoy, use and occupy.

I must heal myself by on man summary picking up the multiple years of. Words: 310 - Pages: 2. . rental cars so that they can enjoy our community. Family Support - Camp C.O.P.E. for children Our mission is to: * help the children of service members cope with the transitions and/or trauma they are facing in tok essay mark scheme, response to the deployment or injuries sustained by their soldiers. * provide children age-appropriate therapeutic interventions in small groups of their peers, who have had similar experiences. * provide fun, therapeutic interventions for the children as well as information for parents about how to help their children at home. * allow the child to tell their story and help put a voice to their feelings and concerns, while providing new ways to handle their experiences. Poems In Essay! Family Support - Defenders of mark Freedom* Defenders of technological Freedom is a non profit organization with the purpose of raising money to support our troops who are currently deployed around the world. Because our troops are actively working to keep America safe, Defenders of Freedom believe passionately in showing them as much support as possible. 100% of the tok essay scheme profits are used to: * Send support boxes to our men and women in uniform * Support wounded soldiers with encouragement and needed items, especially those with no support * Support the families of our wounded soldiers both physically and emotionally * Support the USO Family Support - Grants for Fine Arts, Tutoring, Sports for Kids (Our Military Kids.

Words: 19627 - Pages: 79. . The Museum of Fine Art I went to Boston in this spring break and change essay, I visited one of the largest museums in the United States, the Museum of tok essay Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. The Museum of Fine Art attracting over one million visitors a year. Thesis! It contains over scheme 450,000 works of art, making it one of the security audit study most comprehensive collections in the Americas. It is also the 54th most visited art museum in the world, and tok essay, the twelfth most-visited in the United States, as of 2010.

The Museum was founded in 1870 and opened in haverford thesis, 1876, with a large portion of its collection taken from the Boston Athenaeum Art Gallery. Tok Essay Scheme! There are tons of different exhibits; some temporary and an essay on man alexander, some more permanent. I went to mark scheme see some of the an essay on man temporary exhibits- Degas and the Nude and Aphrodite and the Gods of Love. The permanent exhibits include items of Paul Revere, silversmith, which are really cool. Their early American collection represents a wide variety of art and arts, craft and mark, crafts. I tend to love their artifacts collections. Their permanent modern art gallery is cool but for me, is not as strong as some of their other offerings, like their collection of priceless musical instruments from around the world, throughout history. Their permanent pan-Asian art gallery is strong for its location. I'm not a big fan of their restaurant, but their cafe is open, airy, and pleasant.

The museum hosts art from all over the world and from all different eras like Asia, Oceania, Greece and Egypt, the Americas, and. Words: 322 - Pages: 2. . Intro to Fine Art Assignment 3 Question 1. In order to fully understand Roman art, we must understand that “Roman culture was modeled on that of the Greeks.” (Lewis 228) More specifically our textbook states that “while the romans absorb their artistic ideals from the Greeks, they were more realistic than idealistic, more active than philosophical, more pragmatic than creative.” (Lewis 228) One example of the more realistic art contributions made by the Romans is “a tradition of realistic portraits.” (Lewis 228-229) The Roman sculpture of Cato and Porzia exemplifies this realistic portrait sculpture. The portrait is free nasa essay, very realistic and descriptive of all of their features despite their somewhat unattractive nature. By contrast, the Greek’s would have preferred a much more idealized sculpture of the couple. Another aspect of art introduced by the Romans can be seen in their architecture. The Romans used many of the tok essay mark scheme Greek techniques but also “borrowed the english idea of the arch from the East and exploited its possibilities to construct public buildings of great size, feats of ancient engineering.” (Lewis 230) The Roman Coliseum could not have been built using traditional Greek architecture due to the weight of the tok essay scheme structure. In addition to the use of the arch in alexander summary, Roman architecture, “The Romans developed the architectural feature of the tok essay mark dome.” (Lewis 233) The Roman Temple the Pantheon is poems in essay, a great example of the Romans use of the dome in architecture. The Roman use small stones.

Words: 774 - Pages: 4. . Tok Essay Scheme! College 1 A warrior is an individual that will surpass any and haverford thesis, all expectations that society has placed on him or her regardless of race, sex, or even socioeconomic status; only few are capable of carrying the torch as a Nansemond River warrior. This warrior is morally conscious, academically superior, and is active both in the school as well as the community. Mark Scheme! A Nansemond River warrior is equipped with the network case skills and resources he or she will need in order to change both their community and the world. There is tok essay mark, a sense of duty that comes along with being a warrior. Volunteerism is not only format important to scheme the recipients, but the volunteers too. By challenging each other, we can use our education and knowledge to make not only haverford thesis archive our community a better place, but the world. A warrior is defined as a person engaged in some struggle or conflict. The only struggle or conflict that a Nansemond River warrior shall experience is the one of tok essay mark which he or she striving to alexander transcend the expectations of the faculty and staff. Tok Essay Mark Scheme! The legacy of this school will transmit on beyond graduation. Security Audit Study! One must hold this honor to the highest respect and responsibility.

In order to tok essay be a warrior you must have pride. On Man! The voices that echo throughout these halls represent the scheme heartbeat of our school which is motivated by pride. You have to love being a warrior and show school spirit. By carrying on the spirit of our school every day, it demonstrates the technological change essay pleasure an individual has for tok essay mark scheme the title warrior. Words: 527 - Pages: 3. . An Essay Alexander Summary! it presented a challenge to me in the beginning. Other artists such as Barbara Foster’s “The Great God Pan” and Sophie Ryder’s “The Minotaur” also inspired me to take element from within the element that the creature belonged to. Because of the inspiration from the tok essay scheme green man I attempted to slip cast leaves as a means of developing a way of incorporating the natural surroundings. Although the leaves were very fragile once fired the delicate beauty of free nasa essay them and level of detail the clay had captured concreted my idea to include some kind of mould or print of the natural world within my final piece. By now I was aware that I wanted to maintain the focus of my final piece within classic Greek/Roman mythology as it is tok essay mark, a period of history that has always fascinated me not only through the fine detail of the haverford college thesis marble sculptures but also the strength of spiritual belief in gods and the legends that surround them.

I began by looking at artistic representation of my favourite Greek/Roman god Poseidon/Neptune. I have always had an interest with this god from stories such as the Little Mermaid and tok essay, a fascination with the sea. By starting here it gave my investigation a little more of a personal link. Despite looking at the work of format english Manuel Garcia Calderon and Edvard Enksen’s ‘Copenhagen Mermaid’ I was incredible inspired by the presentation of the tok essay scheme god within the classic marble sculptures. The level of essay writing english detail and emotion captured within the face of the piece was so detailed that the piece. Words: 1163 - Pages: 5. . The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World; French: La Liberte eclairant le monde) is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on scheme Liberty Island in the middle of New York Harbor, in Manhattan, New York City. The statue, designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886, was a gift to the United States from the people of France. The statue is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the essay writing Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet.

The statue is an icon of freedom and tok essay mark scheme, of the United States: a welcoming signal to haverford archive immigrants arriving from tok essay mark abroad. The statue is essay, situated in Upper New York Bay on Liberty Island, south of Ellis Island. Both islands were ceded by New York to the federal government in 1800.[149] As agreed in scheme, an 1834 compact between New York and New Jersey that set the state border at the bay's midpoint, the original islands remain New York territory despite their location on the New Jersey side of the state line. Land created by reclamation at Ellis is essay, New Jersey territory.[150] A universal symbol of freedom and democracy, the Statue of Liberty also celebrates the international friendship of the United States and France. It was given to us as a gift from France. Built to commerate an alliance during the American Revolution, the Statue was dedicated on scheme October 28. Words: 509 - Pages: 3. . An Essay On Man Alexander! MARBLE INDUSTRY IN TURKEY SINAN UNLU S000192 FATIH YILMAZ Mezunlar Grubu 2014 INDEX EXECUTIVE SUMMARY…………………………………………………………………3-4 DESCRIPTION OF SECTOR AND PRODUCT…………………………………………5-6 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT SUPPLY AND DEMAND……………………. 6-10 Turkey’s Natural Stone Reserves Turkey’s Natural Stone Production Conditions Turkey’s Marble and tok essay mark, Tiles Production Capacities and haverford thesis, Conditions TURKEY’S NATURAL STONE FOREIGN TRADE……………………………10-11 Import Export Turkey’s Demand for Finished Goods SWOT…………………………………………………………………………………..12-15 PORTER’S FIVE FORCES…………………………………………………………..16-19 MARBLE SECTOR IN THE WORLD………………………………………………19-20 CONCLUSION…………………………………………………………………………21 BIBLIOGRAPHY……………………………………………………………………….22 Page 2 Mezunlar Grubu 2014 Executive Summary Natural stones have been a symbol of civilization for ages and societies use marble for scheme art, buildings and essay english, their living areas and we know that natural stone industry is one of the oldest industry on scheme the world. In these days, usage of on man pope marble is increasing and this situation brings marble sector important situation in Turkey. Tok Essay! Companies who doing business in this sector, face of some competition because building materials are becoming every day more popular. Natural stone industry is one of the potential profitable industry in the world.

Page 3 Mezunlar Grubu 2014 In local and international marketing managers decide that how they will increase their sales and they should analyze industry and. Words: 3826 - Pages: 16. Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser. . Abigail Professor English 1110 1 March 2015 2015 Star Spangled Banner Songfest Have you or a loved one served our county and are in need of help? The University of Toledo welcomes you to join the “Star Spangled Banner” songfest event held on March 28th at the Savage Arena at on man, 5pm. Songfest is a grand philanthropic tradition that can be described as a song and dance performance. This year, proceeds raised from the event will go toward the tok essay Wounded Warrior Project, an college thesis archive, organization whose mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. The Wounded Warrior Project has helped thousands of family and service members with medical, housing, along with numerous other types of support. This year’s event is split into three different competitions: Men’s Women’s, and Co-ed groups, which are composed of many Greek, Academic, Religious, and other UT organizations. The University of Toledo takes much pride in these events, raising awareness and donations toward a worthy cause. Current sponsors of Songfest include Blue Key National Honor Fraternity and Mortar Board National Honor Society, both of tok essay mark scheme which hold their recognition and tapping ceremonies during the event.

Each organization participating in Songfest was challenged to haverford archive come up with a fundraising goal to go above and beyond what they raised last year supporting children diagnosed with terminal cancer, which was a grand total of $25,000. According to Joy T. Bennett’s journal article Stepping Up, Joy deliberates the importance. Words: 1182 - Pages: 5. . Tok Essay Scheme! Name Instructor Date Compare and contrast pieces of fine art Fine art has been considered as the major source of essay writing english history, which has articulated several formatives that depict on the essence of humanity. Based on different sources, fine art has navigated some comparatives that portray the mark nature of history that equally aligns some prospects that site on the major differences on art. To start with, the major goal of the fine art is mainly to promote a unique active and network security audit study, thoughtful approach towards analyzing some specification of art history. Therefore the process requires taking into consideration by comparing and contrasting some essentials of the two pieces of art that attempt to approach the critical thinking analysis. This assumption invites availing the simple analysis of the information that ideally addresses the craft of an effective subtlety that is undertaken on tok essay the process. Every step that is articulated on the preparation of the early course on the fine art is depicted as an informative exhibit that is consolidated in organizing the discrete bits in a larger notion.

This is well crafted on the practice of the fine art that distinguishes the essay writing english level of thinking in the history of art. Based on that note, the major exercise that reviews on fine history has added the benefit of the emerging success on tok essay mark scheme the concepts of well-crafted images of fine art. Thesis Archive! This equally announces the expected comparison that focuses on this practice. The completion of the moral abstract by. Words: 614 - Pages: 3. . Marble Challenge 1) Identify the Problem- The marble has to travel for tok essay scheme twenty-five seconds or greater. 2) Gather Information- If we use cardboard, it will slow down the technological time but by using the folder, it will increase the time the marble travels. 3) Generate Possible Solutions- By testing different possible designs, we can generate a solution as to how the marble will travel for tok essay scheme the twenty-five seconds. 4) Select the best Solution- We had two main solutions and writing format, tested both of them. One was a zig-zag structure but as we tested it, the mark scheme cardboard became too flimsy and poems in essay, our second structure was to build the zig-zag in a base that would support it, and that was our end product because we knew we had found our perfect structure.

5) Implement Selected Solution- (Turned in) 6) Evaluate- As we tested our structure, we came to conclusion that the marble only traveled 17 seconds but our design was successful in my opinion because the scheme marble had potential to go the full 25 or even longer with a few tweaks. It could’ve ended differently but unfortunately, we did not solve the problem. A) The positives I took away from this project were that our design actually worked the way we planned. Through the building process and testing it, everything came out the way we hoped and although the technological change marble didn’t travel the full twenty-five seconds, we were successful and positive on the design and mark, structure. Technological Essay! B) The negatives I took away from this project. Words: 778 - Pages: 4. . Background on mark scheme the Marble Slab Company: Marble Slab Creamery founded in 1983 in Houston, Texas. Essay! It was an independently owned and operated franchise around the United States, in 2003 Cream Company was given the rights to license and develop Mable Slab franchises in tok essay, Canada. In Feburary 2007 Marble Slab Creamery was purchased by a company called NexCan Brans Inc. Mable Slab nearly 400 stores worldwide and its main product was Ice Cream. Executive Summary: P. Thomas has recently acquired herself a franchise of Marble Slab Creamery. Penny Thomas had set herself the goal of making $400,000 in revenue within the first year of business, Penny plans to invest $10,000 from her long term loan into audit case marketing and tok essay mark scheme, really promoting the opening of her franchise of Marble Slab Creamery.

To achieve the an essay alexander pope summary goal of $400,000 in tok essay mark, a year Penny needs to sell at a dollar amount of $1,096 daily, assuming the average sale is $5.20 per product, this means on a daily basis Penny would need to sell on average 211 products. ($400,000/365days = $1,096 per day) ($5.20 X 211 products = $1,097.20) (Exhibit 1) To create a flourishing business, the essay writing format owner has to select a target market that they want the advertisement to appeal to, then they must determine an efficient way to reach out to that market. For advertising her franchise Penny should try to focus on using Pattison Outdoor as it is the most efficient way to reach mass amounts of customers covering a larger target market. Penny could purchase multiple.

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King arthur fact or fiction essay - … Care analysis of a service user experiencing acute and scheme challenging mental health problems: Demonstrate a biopsychosocial understanding of a service users experience and an evidence based approach to free nasa essay your suggested intervention. The service user should have complex needs, which can offer challenges to services. An example of this might be: A service user who is admitted informally to an acute in patient unit where the doors are locked. The service user may be presenting with depression, alcohol withdrawal and scheme ideas of self-harm. Care analysis should identify: – Service users presenting problems, from the biopsychosocial perspective. – Risk assessment and management. – Recovery principles and engagement processes.

– Legal and ethical dimensions, such as deprivation of liberty. – Role and responsibilities of the mental health nurse. The client history and presentation should be put in format english as an appendix. – Identify and explore the biological, psychological, social and cultural factors that impact on mental health. – Enable the student to demonstrate expertise in eliciting a full biological, psychological and social history and to critically examine the tok essay links between causation, symptomology, treatment and management of challenging mental health presentations.

– Facilitate the exploration of the experience of acute and essay writing format challenging presentations and critically analyse knowledge and experience to scheme make clinical judgments. Demonstrate competence in the use of care planning to promote service user independence and recovery. Knowledge and haverford college Understanding. – Understand the biological explanations of mental health problems addressed with psychological and scheme social perspectives of human responses and behaviour. – Evaluate data to identify and an essay on man alexander pope summary define acute / challenging presentations, analyse the use of specific nursing interventions and, informed by scheme best available evidence, utilise a collaborative approach when formulating and poems in essay evaluating assessment and interventions used.

– Analyse the legislative frameworks, ethical dimensions and policy context in relation to complex mental health presentations. – Analyse and apply a variety of assessment tools and frameworks in relation to challenging mental health needs and mark presentations. – Analyse and writing english apply research to clinical practice. – Front page including your student number and word count. – Double line spacing. – A margin of at least 2.54 cm on all sides of A4 paper. – Candidate number as header on all pages. – Page number as footer on all pages. – A bio-psycho social perspective on personality development. – Understanding of mark scheme, diagnostic criteria for personality disorder.

– Engaging with the service user. – Assessing risk, including the risk of self-harm, attempted suicide and risk to others. – Legal and ethical frameworks for care. – Nursing intervention and poems in essay the use of ‘self’ in tok essay scheme engaging with this client group. – Development and documentation of care plans to format achieve optimal health, habitation and rehabilitation, based on assessment and current nursing knowledge. – Understanding risk – the use of positive risk taking. – Collaborative approaches to risk management – clinical decision making. – Selection and application of appropriate assessment tools.

– Promoting the use of nurturing, psychologically and environmentally safe environments. – Prioritisation of need. – Empowering service users – maximising choice and tok essay decision making wherever possible. – Developing communication skills, written and verbal. – Legal and ethical frameworks for care. – Selection and application of appropriate risk assessment tools and specific techniques in assessing substance misuse and co existing mental health problems. – Assessment of essay, physical health needs in relation to mark substance use. – Collaborative approaches to care and care planning. – Understanding the impact of poems in essay, specific substances on the service users physical and mental well-being (during use and detoxification regimes) – Promoting service user understanding and mark scheme ownership of care and treatment.

– Legal and network security audit case study ethical frameworks for care. Core Reading List. Barber, P. and Brown, R.E. (2012) Mental health law in England and scheme Wales, 2nd ed. London: Sage Publishing. Bartlett, P. and Sandland, R. Poems In Essay? (2014) Mental health law: policy and practice, 4th Edn. Oxford University Press. Bennett, P. (2011) Abnormal and clinical psychology: an introductory textbook, 3rd Edn. Tok Essay Scheme? Maidenhead: Open University Press. Burke, T. (2010) ‘Psychiatric disorder: frequency and mechanisms in understanding violence’ in network case study Forensic mental health: concepts, systems and practice, Bartlett, A. McGauley, G. (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Crome, I., Chambers, P., Frisher M., Bloor R. and Roberts, D (2009) Research Briefing: The relationship between dual diagnosis: substance misuse and dealing with mental health issues.

Available from tok essay mark, riefing30.pdf (accessed 18/12/15). NICE (2010) NICE guideline – psychosis with coexisting substance misuse. Essay English? The British Psychological Society and The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Avalibale from: guideline-181586413 (acc3essed 18/12/15). Hart, C. (2014) A pocket guide to risk assessment and management in mental health, Oxon: Routledge. National Institute for tok essay mark scheme Mental Health in England (NIHME) (2009).

Personality disorder: No longer a diagnosis of exclusion: London: NIHME. Steen, M. Thomas, M. (2015) Mental health across the lifespan. Oxon: Routledge. Alexander, R., Devapriam, J., Michael, D., McCarthy, J., Chester, V., Rai, R., Naseem, A. and Roy, A. (2015) “Why can’t they be in the community?” A policy and practice analysis of transforming care for haverford offenders with intellectual disability, Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, 9 (3), pp. Tok Essay? 139-148. American Psychiatric Association. (2013) The diagnostic and statistical manual of poems in essay, mental disorders (DSM) V. 4th ed. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association. Bouras, N., Hardy, S. and mark scheme Holt, G. Thesis Archive? (2013). Tok Essay Mark Scheme? Mental health in intellectual disabilities. London: Pavilion Press.

Department of Health. Poems In Essay? (2014) Achieving better access to mental health services by 2020. In: Department of Health: London. Gates, B. and Mafuba, K. (2015) Learning disability nursing: Modern day practice. London: CRC Press, Taylor Francis. Cambridge, P. (2013) A rights approach to supporting the sexual fetish of a man with learning disability: Method, process and applied learning, British Journal of tok essay mark scheme, Learning Disabilities, 41 (4), pp. 259-265. Clark, A., Browne, S., Boardman, L., Hewitt, L. and Light, S. (2014) Implementing UK autism policy national institute for poems in essay health and care excellence guidance- assessing the impact of autism training for frontline staff in community learning disabilities teams, British Journal of Learning Disabilities, (early view). Fish, R., Woodward, S. and tok essay mark Duperouzel, H. (2012) ‘Change can only audit case be a good thing:’ staff views on the introduction of a harm minimisation policy in a forensic learning disability service, British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 40 (1), pp. 37-45. Flynn, M. and Citarella, V. Scheme? (2013) Winterbourne view hospital: A glimpse of the legacy, The Journal of Adult Protection, 15 (4), pp.

173-181. Inchley-Mort, S., Rantell, K., Wahlich, C. and Hassiotis, A. (2014) Complex behaviour service: Enhanced model for challenging behaviour, Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, 8 (4), pp. 219. James, I.A. (2011) Understanding behaviour in dementia that challenges: a guide to assessment and treatment, (Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guidelines), London: Jessica Kingsley Publishing. Jones, R. (2014) The story of baby P: Setting the record straight. University of Bristol: Policy Press. Loshak, R. (2013) Out of the mainstream: helping the children of thesis archive, parents with a mental illness: New York, Routledge Press.

McCann, E. (2015) People who are transgender: Mental health concerns, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 22 (1), pp. 76-81. Whittington, R. Logan, C. (eds) (2011) Self harm and violence: towards best practice in managing risk in tok essay mental health services, Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell. – Challenging behaviour foundation – – The International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support – Interesting editorial: Use of medication for challenging behaviour in people with intellectual disability; Gyles Glover, Sarah Bernard, David Branford, Anthony Holland, Andre Strydom; The British Journal of study, Psychiatry Jul 2014, 205 (1) 6-7; DOI: 10.1192/bjp.bp.113.141267 –

From NHS England: – Building the right support (also available in easy read), a national plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities for people with learning disabilities and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition. – The Service Model (also available in easy read) (and supplementary information) for commissioners, that describes what good services should look like. Alongside this, NHS England has also published: – Final Care and Treatment Review (CTRs) guidance and tools (also available in easy read) to support commissioners in preventing unnecessary in-patient admissions and lengthy hospital stays.

Department of Health (2014) Care and Support Statutory Guidance. Available from attachment_data/file/366104/43380_23902777_Care_Act_B ook.pdf (accessed 18/12/15). Skills for Care Positive behaviour support ehaviour-challenges/Positive-behaviour-support.aspx (accessed 18/12/15). Skills for mark Care People whose behaviour challenges ehaviour-challenges/People-whose-behaviour-challenges .aspx (accessed 18/12/15).…/working-together-safeguard -children-guidance- 2013.aspx.

What are the psychosocial issues for the person in the case study? This assessment provides you with the on man alexander opportunity to examine the issues, available services and treatments for people living with a specific mental health illness. 1. Tok Essay Mark Scheme? What are the psychosocial issues for essay the person in the case study? 2. What informal supports. are available to the person? 3. What professional and/or agencies are involved or likely to be involved with the tok essay person? 4. What are the gaps in service delivery. for people with this mental health illness? 5. What advocacy needs to. happen for essay people with. this mental health issue?

Mark has been an excellent student throughout high school. He has been captain of the cricket team and very popular amongst his class mates and teachers. Last year things seemed to fall apart. His grades fell and scheme he didn’t seem to technological change be able to concentrate on study. His mother was concerned and took Mark to the local GP who couldn’t really see what was wrong. He gave Mark an antidepressant drug and said he would like to see Mark in a couple of months. The antidepressant didn’t seem to help much. Mark’s mother noticed a few other things. Mark seemed to have some odd thoughts – he said he could hear things and became upset when she told him she couldn’t hear them. Mark became more withdrawn and tok essay mark stopped going out with his friends.

He spent a lot of time in his room. His mother thought perhaps he was studying but he wouldn’t talk to her about what his school work was about. Poems In Essay? Sometimes Mark is quite animated. Scheme? He talks excitedly about science projects and says he has some unique ideas but that he can’t talk about them in case someone steals them. Mark has done well in science so his mother thinks he probably does have some good ideas but is puzzled as to why he won’t talk about his ideas. His mother doesn’t know what to do or where to go for security audit help. His exams are coming up and she is concerned that he doesn’t seem to tok essay mark be studying or focussing. The factors influencing the college thesis development of scheme, mental health services in your own area. Discuss the on man alexander pope summary factors influencing the development of mental health services in your own area. You can focus on a geographical area or an area of service delivery (such as youth mental health, or inpatient units, or psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support).

Consider the following in tok essay formulating your discussion: ? Particular historical, social and/or political characteristics that influenced mental health service delivery in your area of focus. ? National trends in mental health service delivery and how these can be seen in practice in network security audit your area of focus. ? How the factors influencing the development of mental health services have made a difference for people with mental illness in mark your area of focus, for their carers, for mental health workers and for the general community. Ensure you refer to current Australian mental health policy and reports, reports from your area of focus and examples from your own practice and organisation. Using mobile apps will help to improve patient care. This essay is under health informatics subject it should talk about how health mobile apps will help patient to use EHR, talk to doctor by change camera, know their medication and adjust their appointment.

Also, prove that mobile apps will help to improve patient care. Epidemiology in Master of Public Health. This assignment is for Epidemiology in masters of mark scheme, Public Health and nee to be done by a professional in free nasa essay Epidemiology. The assignment questions are attached along with two articles which need to be read very thoroughly to answer the assignment questions. Please note that the assignment should be plagiarism free and tok essay i have required a plagiarism report. however it is technological change essay ok the tok essay mark scheme turnitin plagiarism report to college archive be below 10-12%. if reference needed, please use vancouver system. Critical analysis of a selected scenario from Caseworld. Pain management, Type 2 diabetes mellitus ,Post Angioplasty Bleeding. and Pressure Area Care with miss Green.

so once my group finish them work i will upload them work to do my conclusion. Tok Essay Mark Scheme? this is example from my friend. The purpose of this assignment is to explore the key priorities associated with the case and obtain insights about what should be done in terms of applying evidence based nursing practice. This paper is based on Elizabeth Green, a 79-year-old widow who has a history of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease and osteoarthritis (School of Nursing Midwifery 2014). Technological Change Essay? She was brought to scheme the Emergency department via ambulance as she was complaining of severe unrelieved central chest pain radiating up her left shoulder, which lasted for more than 10 minutes (School of Nursing Midwifery 2014). Following a review by english the Cardiac Team it was deemed essential that Mrs Green undergo angiography.

Therefore, she was admitted for the procedure and mark due to finding an occlusion, an angioplasty with stents was performed. As with any other medical procedure, angiography and audit case study angioplasty involve many potential risks. In the case of Mrs Green, a number of issues and risk factors post surgery were identified that. Based on Mrs Green’s scenario, this paper discusses various issues that are relevant to tok essay scheme Mrs Green’s care post angioplasty such as. Scenario: You are the hospital administrator and are told by your ICU unit director of a patient in the unit that has suffered serious brain damage, but is network case study not currently meeting the mark scheme criteria for complete brain death. Half of the family is insisting that the patient “wouldn’t want to live this way” and the other half is accusing them of wanting to kill the free nasa essay patient. Some allegations have been raised about a substantial inheritance for some family members upon the patient’s death.

The battle is becoming intense and it is scheme beginning to disrupt the medical and nursing staff. 1) Write an analysis of the situation from an ethical and security audit study legal perspective. Address the following questions: a) What are the ethical issues? b) What are the legal issues? c) What are the medical care issues? d) What actions would you take? Why? How? e) What resources would you tap? 2) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in mark the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

An abstract is network case study not required. 3) This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to mark grade the poems in essay assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the mark scheme assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment. Medicaid and essay Medicare Administration. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has specific administrative rules that need to be followed in scheme order for providers to bill and on man summary receive reimbursement for services.

For this assignment, you will read three scenarios that demonstrate several key concepts of the Medicare and scheme Medicaid programs and then answer questions pertaining to those scenarios. To complete this assignment, do the following: on network security audit study the worksheet that is attached below.